Celtic Studies: Myth and Tradition – an interactive online course

Many of the practices I work with can’t really be taught remotely. But a good solid grounding in the background to those practices can be taught in this way, and so I currently offer a year-long online course which explores accurate and up-to-date information about the native myths and traditions of Ireland and the other Celtic nations. If you’re interested in exploring what an authentic contemporary spirituality – one which has its roots in the old traditions of those countries, but which makes sense in a very different world – might look like, then you’ll find course information and sign-up details at The Hedge School website (page opens in a new tab). Intake for this course happens just once a year.

Reclaiming the Wise Woman – an interactive online course

Since 2014, I’ve been offering a yearlong self-study course called ‘Reclaiming the Wise Woman’. In this course we explore and reclaim our native Wise Woman stories and traditions, bringing them alive and making them relevant to the world we live in today. We explore both old and new representations of the Wise Woman in myth, story, literature and art. We explore a range of skills and practices which help us develop a rich and authentic relationship with the natural world around us, and bring us back into balance with the land on which we live. The course is currently suspended for updating; it’ll be offered again as a yearlong interactive online course from 2019. Please sign up to my newsletter to be kept informed (link in menu bar at top of page).

Weeklong retreats: Reclaiming the Wise Woman – dreaming ourselves awake

These weeklong retreats for women take place on the wild, beautiful west coast of Ireland – on the wild shorelines of Connemara, and on the Beara Peninsula, home of the Cailleach Bhéarra: the old woman of Gaelic mythology who made and shaped the land. At the heart of these retreats is a deep exploration of skills and practices which will help us develop a rich relationship with the land and the non-human others who inhabit it with us. We talk about ways to build meaningful and authentic traditions based on the native wisdom of these lands, and about what it might mean to reclaim our indigeneity. We talk about enchantment, about rekindling the mythic imagination. We talk about dreaming, about waking up – and about dreaming ourselves awake. For more information, please visit this page (page on The Hedge School website opens in a new tab).

HedgeWalking: a yearlong women’s gathering

From 2019, for the first time I’ll be offering a yearlong mentorship/ training in working with the mythic imagination, and in authentic practices for connecting deeply to the land – walking in this world and what, in Celtic countries, we call the ‘Otherworld’. This training will be offered to a maximum of 8 women. To take part, you’ll need to be prepared to travel to The Hedge School, here in the west of Ireland, for four weekend sessions during the course of the year. In between times, we’ll work together in a private forum, and via group and individual video calls.

More information can be found on this page (page on The Hedge School website opens up in a new tab).

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